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Re: Some questions: OpenGL and free 3D models

>In my case, I'm going to use 'bones' to animate the vertices - but
>that's something I'm still learning about.

>I'm expecting to use maybe 200 vertices in high detail.

That's what I'm aiming at.

My next question is how you deal with texture seams: if the polys share
verticies, which makes sense, in order
to have GL use drawElements, they have to share texture info at the vertex, so
how do you handle the
seams where, say, at the back of the leg a texture portion has wrapped round
from the front ?

Consensus amongst people I've asked is to fake up a second vertex [1], but
what's the "proper" approach. How does
Q3 handle this?

{You notice how this stuff doesn't get mentioned in any graphics textbooks?}

[1] essentially transforming the model into one which can be unrolled onto a
      flat surface without breaking any edges or polys or making any

polys or edges co-incident.