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using gdb at machine-level

I've been interested in learning x86 assembly (for curiousity, and
optimizing code, etc.), and I figure gdb is the tool to use.  I remember
using a machine disassembler years ago on my C64, so I have an idea of the
commands I need to proceed, but I haven't worked them all out yet.
Perhaps there's a Howto or doc somewhere that explains all this in one
place, but I haven't found it yet.

My particular questions are how to make gdb step through individual
machine instructions, rather than between lines of higher language code,
and what the correct syntax is for disassembling a span of lines, just as
'-' shows a span of source code.

If anyone could help or direct me, thanks!  I've been lurking on this list
for a long time, only because I hadn't yet had much to say.  Good luck
with your games, everyone.

Ben Taylor