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Alpha startup of project

Hey all

A friend and I have descided to start a new Game project. We are talking
about the game's features, and so far we have descided on the following:

The main idea of the game is that Tux fights against another Charecter (for
now Bunny).

The game is going to be portable, so that it can be run on Linux and
It should be possible to play against each other on the same computer and
over LAN/Internet via TCP/IP.

My friend is currently working on some simple gameplay, and I'm trying to
find information to help us in our work.

1. Is it possible to create a portalbe program that can run in a window in
both Xwindows and in Windows, if yes, could you give some sample code that
justs display a very simple window.

2. Can you give some usefull tutorials on how to create a game that can be
played over a LAN/Internet via TCP/IP.

Thats it for now, but we'll be back, when we get our project up and running.
Maybe you can join our team :))

Brian Jørgensen
My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.