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Re: Alpha startup of project

the holy deprogrammer wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 08:07:14PM +0000, Brian Jørgensen wrote:
> > Hey all
> >
> > A friend and I have descided to start a new Game project. We are talking
> > about the game's features, and so far we have descided on the following:
> > find information to help us in our work.
> >
> >  [snip]
> >
> > 1. Is it possible to create a portalbe program that can run in a window in
> > both Xwindows and in Windows, if yes, could you give some sample code that
> > justs display a very simple window.
> >
>         GGI can be used to display graphics on all sorts of targets..
>         a directx target is being worked on right now, and they already
>         support Xwindows and fbconsole targets.

...which is OK for 2D graphics.

If you want to go with 3D graphics then you can use OpenGL
and GLUT and wind up with 100% identical code for the two

Should you decide to go that route, you might want to check
my portable game library:


...which I used to write my portable 3D game (involving Tux).


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