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Re: DLLs under Linux

Felix Kollmann wrote:
> Hi,
> > (And calling them DLL's shrieks "WINDOZE USER!!" - they are
> > properly called DSO's - Dynamic '.so's).
> I think there is "no difference" between "Dynamic Linked Library" and
> "Dynamic Shared Object".
> Of course there is a difference how to add them in your programme,
> (DLL-> importing a class; DSO-> importing each function) but the name
> doen's matter, does it?

IIRC you can import particular symbols from DLL (functions) too.
But really, DLL is a Windows term, DSO is Unixish. They differ
mostly in the fact that DLL exports only specified functions
whereas DSO exports all, but I'm not sure whether it has to be
always so.

Try to use the proper term please - it's similar to shell x command.com
(or directory x folder, he he he :-)))