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Re: how to add assembler?

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:

> The GCC uses another Syntax (AT&T?!), you should have a look at nasm,
> which supports the Intel Syntax.

Yep, AT&T syntax. Worth learning, IMHO, because I'm of the opinion that
any source-distributed C/asm program for Linux should build with the GNU
toolset and not require, e.g. NASM.

> But in 99,9% of the cases you shouldn't need to use any
> assembler. Assembler will just give you errors, unportability and
> problems. Which you can easily avoid when using good old C or C++, or
> whatever you like.
> So if you really want to use assembler you should have a good reason
> for it and you should really know what you are doing, but that is
> nearly never the case.

Sounds like someone who's got some experience in ASM on other platforms
such as DOS, so he's got a good reason. gcc optimizes poorly on the IA32
chips anyway so if you want, say, a good, fast blitter, then ASM is the
way to go. (Please, no "just use ggi" comments from the peanut gallery.)