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Re: how to add assembler?

Jeff Read <bitwize@geocities.com> writes:

> Sounds like someone who's got some experience in ASM on other platforms
> such as DOS, so he's got a good reason.

No, for DOS you had to use assembler for lots of cases, but thats the
wrong way under linux. Just because you knew how something worked on a
foo system, its not a good idea to try the same on a bar system, since
it may the wrong way to go.

> gcc optimizes poorly on the IA32 chips

Probably, still better than somebody who does not exactly now what he
is doing...

> anyway so if you want, say, a good, fast blitter, then ASM is the
> way to go. (Please, no "just use ggi" comments from the peanut
> gallery.)

A fast blitter *can* be one reason for assembler, but why use it, when
we have Hermes (http://hermes.terminal.at/), which will do the job for
us?  Or using SDL or ClanLib? It all depends on what you try to do,
but for most cases it is good to assume, that assembly is the wrong

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