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Re: DLLs under Linux

Paul Tiseo wrote:
> At 04:50 PM 10/14/99 +0000, you wrote:>
> >I guess it does, since Netscape and Mozilla supports plugins there.
> >Talking of which, look at NSPR for a portable abstraction of this.
>         Catching up with old mail...
>         What is NPSR?

Its a suite of libraries that comprise the portability layer
for Netscape...but which is (somewhat) useful in other applications.

>         Incidentally, anyone want to write an article on maintaining
> "as-easy-as-possible" portability when developing games on linux? I think
> that would be a hit. Seems like there are a few here with such experience.

THat's the problem - we each say "It's easy - just use my library"...
and since there are *lots* of such portability layers around, it ends
up being hard to come out with an unbiassed view.

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