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Re: how to add assembler?

Rick Genter wrote:

> There is NOTHING easy about a commercial game. Period. And, while on the
> surface, your statement makes sense, let me tell you that to do a game like
> StarCraft in 3D would be MUCH more complicated than to do it in 2D.

"This ISN'T WarCraft in space! It's much more sophisticated! I know it's
not 3D!" --Artanis (a StarCraft character)

Seriously, adding that third dimension is a big step, regardless of
genre. Sega, for example, couldn't come up with a decent 3D Sonic game
during the Saturn's short lifetime, though they tried valiantly with a
project known as "Sonic X-Treme". Very few decent 3D fighters to come
about until recently, most notably the Virtua Fighters and the Tekkens
(this includes Soul Edge/Soul Calibur, as they have a very similar
engine to the Tekkens). Discerning gamers can immediately tell a
well-thought-out game from a slapdash 3D "conversion" of a 2D format.