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stupid mailing list question

Hey, my mail reader crapped itself earlier, and ate some mails from today.
Apperantly xfmail gets a little buggy with >10,000 emails... I was looking to
retreive the last 20 or so emails from the archives, but I'm not sure how. The
closest thing is linuxgames-get.xx_yy@sunsite.auc.dk, but I don't know the
number of the last mail... There should be a
linuxgames-get-last.xx@sunsute.auc.dk that allows you to get the last xx
messages :) Where can I find out the last email number or something? I have no
nntp access, or I'd pull them thru that :( thnx

        -Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]

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