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Re: How to delete a file??

Steve Baker wrote:

> Well, irrespective of what the various standards say - 'remove' on
> a libc4/5 Linux box won't delete a directory - so if you need the
> functionality of a call that will blindly wipe out either a file
> or a directory, you can't use 'remove' without dooming your program
> to failure on about half the Linux boxes out there.

Yes, I know that. libc5 (lets not even speak of the older ones) was so
much of a pain in the ass, there was no love lost in seeing it dying. I
specifically will not support libc5. Personal opinion, I know, many
other will support libc5.

> It's pretty irrelevent IMHO - I can't imagine many situations in
> a program where you go blindly deleting a file without knowing
> whether it's a directory or not!  Yikes!

Yes, that's another issue and is a very good point IMHO!

Pierre Phaneuf