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Re: DLLs under Linux

Paul Tiseo wrote:

> >I guess it does, since Netscape and Mozilla supports plugins there.
> >Talking of which, look at NSPR for a portable abstraction of this.
>         Catching up with old mail...
>         What is NPSR?

NSPR is the Netscape Portable Runtime, a portable library for low-level
system access. Gives access to threads, files, dynamic library loading
and other similar stuff...


>         Incidentally, anyone want to write an article on maintaining
> "as-easy-as-possible" portability when developing games on linux? I think
> that would be a hit. Seems like there are a few here with such experience.
> (Mine being lacking, of course. <g>)

I have a simple policy (and also insufficient by itself, but is anything
that easy? :-) ), which consist of taking care at what I am #including
and what I am linking with. For example, stdio.h passes the test, as
being somewhat standard. unistd.h does pass if you aim for Unixy
targets, but not if you aim for across the board.

Pierre Phaneuf