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Re: how to add assembler?

Erik wrote:

> > you don't tell anyone it's 3D, they'll know; you can't get the polygon
> > count high enough for the models to have truly rounded edges like you can
> > when you render for a 2D game. So you have to make up for the lower
> > polygon count by
> Not yet, but many games are remarkebly close. q3 has pretty curved surfaces,
> I think by tesselating bezier surfaces or nurbs. UT demo is well crafted and
> difficult to find where under-tesselation gives it that polygon feel.

Yes, but doing tesselation adds a bunch of polygons and works for adding
a single curve (or a very limited number) to a scene. But the number of
polygon that would be required to get a typical StarCraft screenful of
objects looking as good with OpenGL as they did with regular 2D graphics
would be amazingly high. Or would have to be "flatties" and thus just as
statically lighted as the 2D graphics and would requires a 200$ 3D
acceleration hardware for basically the *same* that StarCraft gets you
with a regular 2D that you can get for 30$.

Pierre Phaneuf