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Re: how to add assembler?

"Philipp Gühring" wrote:

> > Assembler and direct buffers are both rather old-fashion nowadays. With
> > hardware blitters, there is no way you can do better.
> Then tell us more about it. I haven´t read much about that recently.
> What´s hardware blitting, why can´t I do better, where can I get
> that, is it portable everywhere? What do I need for that? ..... ?
> (Or did I misunderstood it?)

It is all library and hardware specific of course... Svgalib for example
has almost no hardware acceleration (including blitting) support.
XFree86 *has* hardware support, but being able to *USE* it is pure
wizardry (what options to set to get it for some versions of XFree86
might be different for other versions and so on).

You can't do better because of the hardware. DMA is faster than
programmed I/O, that's all. No matter how cool running shoes you buy or
how sophisticated a bike you buy, even my poor Hyundai will leave you
WAY behind. Don't even think about the Ferrari.

Pierre Phaneuf