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RE: Question about game-prog libraries

On 19-Oct-99 Andrea Pintori wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an italian newbie linux programmer (sorry for my bad english)
> I came from dos asm/c++ programming, and now I'd like to learn coding under
> linux expecially for game-programming. Reading the e-mails sent to the lgd
> mailinglist I thought to use Clanlib as SDK library.
> I have Debian 2.1 installed and I've downloaded last clanlib package for
> Debian
> but when I try to install it, dpkg tells me that I've to install Libc6
> unstable
> version and stdlibc++2.10 so I've installed the right Libc6 version but
> I cannot find any stdlibc++2.10 package!! In www.debian.org I've only found
> stdlibc++2.9!
> What library do you think I should use for game-programming under linux?
> (now I'm only interested in 2D programming).
> If Clanlib is the right choice, I'd like to know where can I find
> stdlibc++2.10
> and I'd like to know what is the best choice between ggi, svgalib, X, ecc.
> thanks,                      Andrea

clanlib is decent, but young yet. You should download the clanlib source and
compile it, then little annoyances like differences in libc++ minors won't be a
problem :) If the debs you found are 'unofficial' (not on ftp.debian.org), then
they may have 'unofficial' depenandancies which you'd have to hunt down...

The libraries i've been looking at are clanlib (using it), SDL (want
to use it), Mesa (OGL is fun), and gtk+/gnome (limited application to games).

There are lots of other decent libraries, too. qt is used in some games, plib
is used in some impressive games, etc...

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