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Mostly ALS Notes

Basic C Help
     The linuxgames mailing list really shouldn't be where you turn for
C questions like how do you delete a file.  I'd suggest trying a linux
user group mailing list or a newsgroup (although I don't know which one
of the top of my head).  Also questions closely related to a game problems
such as dll loading are good for linuxgames.

Linux Game Programming BOF
     Over the past week I attended the Atlanta Linux Showcase which
included a bird of feather session on Linux Game Programming.  It was
organized by someone from the Time City project (unfortunately I didn't
write down his name).  A developer from CodeWarrior attended the session.
They are actively looking for ways to enhance CodeWarrior for game
development.  I can find his email address if anyone wants it.  I
encouraged everyone there to sign up for the linuxgames mailing list
so some/all of the people there may be on the list.

X11 4.0
     The talk on X11 had some interesting news for game development.
First 8-bit pseudo color can be emulated while in other display modes.
New DGA functionality is being added to support changing the resolution
and bit depth.  They said that the it won't be fully compatible with
DGA 1.1 used by VMware.  Whether these are specific VMware extension
that won't be supported or just the regular 1.1, I don't know.

Articles and LokiHack '99
     I was one of the fortunate who went LokiHack '99.  Since I enjoyed
the time immensely I wrote up an article talking about some of the source
code and what I did.  In fact I'm going to a monthly article from now on.
LGDC is welcome to reprint them, link to them, or ignore them.  The url
I don't have a link from the main page yet but I'll add it when I get a

Dennis Payne