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Re: LI as domain holder for open projects

M. Drew Streib wrote:
>> Here's a rough draft (for refinement by the other LGDC members):
>> domain purpose (veryquick version - how detailed do you need it?):
>>   Collect resources about Linux game development in particular and open
>>   source game development in general.
>That should be enough.

Perhaps some phrase saying that this site is free / open for anyone etc
would be a good addition.
Then we could ...

>> condition for reallocation:
>>   if 
>>   * activity on both the website and the mailing list goes down to a level
>>     where a severe lack of interest and motivation is clear, or
>>   * the site is being used for commercial purposes (aside from the placing
>>     of banner ads for hosting services etc),
>I would even remove the activity clause. Also probably want to explain
>part two a little better.

...just have one condition: "If the domain's purpose is not fulfilled
anymore" or so. (I have a bit of trouble correctly formulating all that).

>Simple email should do. I just think it is best for both of us to have
>something on record.


>That is in the US, but feel free to call anyway if you want to (syncing up
>time zones for the couple of hours we should both be around...)

Well, email should be fine for now I guess (and it allows me to really
think between responses ;)


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