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Re: LGDC hosting

Mark Collins wrote:
>I moderate the Linux forum on GameDev.net, and I pretty sure Myopic would
>have no objections for that being used as a write-back section, linked
>from another site.

Sounds interesting. But I'd say we set up a perfectly normal mirror for now
and leave the problems with really dynamic content for later. After all we
want to get something going.

Ok, How would you mirror our site? Sunsite is most comfortable with rsync
AFAIK (do you already have your Linux box BTW?), but ftp should do as well.
Concerning the Ads - what about just pumping all pages from us you serve
through some script simply adding the ad code at the top (I guess your
sponsors want the ads to be at the top?) for now? Later we can have
customized PHP scripts for you.

Good. Can you give me the IP of the server so that we can set up the
domain? Perhaps if you place some "The Linux Game Development Center will
be hosted here RSN. For now go to http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/" notice until
the mirroring issue is completely sorted out.


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