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Re: OFFTOPIC: NFS problems


> To answer your question, you have to tell something about the user
> system. Do you use root, or normal users? (Both sides, please).
> Show an ls -lad /Fu*
> ...
> Which rights has the directory into which you mount it, before you
> mount it?, ...
> Play a bit around with the rights, ... and you will see.
> Try to use IP numbers instead of names in the /etc/export
> And try to read the man pages a bit more.

Now it works. The problem was that you have to make a entry in some

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But thanx to you.

BTW: offtopic

I know this is a offtopic so I wrote it in the subject.
I also know I shouldn't mail such a topic to this list but I thought
that someone of you might have had this problem, too.

But you're right. Next time I will send it to an other list which is
"right" for such problems.


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