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Super-computer project

Hi everyone,
I am a Malagasy student in Mathematics and I will earn my Bacchelor this 
scholar year but I am a computer programer too (I like burn the cpu 
with huge maths computation). Before you continue to read, I want to note 
you that this mail wouldn' t be there but I don' t know where to start 
then you are so kind to help me. Any suggestions and advices are welcome.
We know that lowest configuration we can find on the market is now the 
Pentium II 233 Mhz and everyone want to upgrade to at least Pentium II 
running at 350 Mhz or better, a Pentium III. Then I wonder what people 
does with their old Pcs? the 486 dx2-66, pentium 100 and co? This is my 
project: I want to build a powerfull server to give free account and to 
run net games like dungeon for example (under Linux of course), but I 
don' t have resources to do that. I think that a parallel computer with 
these unused Pcs will be the solution, according to my budget, if their 
holders would donate them. With 10 or 20 nodes I think I will obtain an 
alpha-processor server performance (Maybe better).
I hope hearing you soon.
Excuse me for my poor english!