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Webmaster back...

	Hello all,

	I have had my internet problem finally fixed! Seems it was
hardware-related and upstream from my system. Since I am on cable modem and
I am the only one on my trunk, I am the only one who can tell them
something wrong. It took a long time for them to fix it, but it seems to be
working now. What was that about the WAD curse??? :)

	Anyways, I have some time, but not much and updating the news can take up
most of my time with browsing, verification, collating, typing it out,
etc... This takes away from my time to set up the pohp pages. 

	Unless someone can completely take over the news updates, I will put a
note up that News will be down until we move to the new format. I am tired
of moving slow on them. Everything is in place, I simply have to sit down
and code out the pages.

	Anyone able to take up the News mantle temporarily?

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster