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Re: Open source game design: What IS an RCS server?

Shadow Mint wrote:
> Two things, what IS an RCS server, which is supposed to be so good for
> colaborative game design?

RCS is "Revision Control System" - which is a source code management
system to help to control changes when multiple programmers are
hacking around in the same source code.

CVS is more often used in the opensource community - which is probably
because it's better than RCS - don't ask me *why* it's better - but
so many people use CVS for web-based development, it MUST be better!

> And, two, I'm having trouble keeping processing time down; Is there any
> way with out the use of the
> setpriority function in C to make it execute faster? I'm trying to avoid
> making it essencial to run the
> game as root.

Changing the process priority won't make a program run faster unless
competing for the CPU with some other process.

If your game is just about the only thing running in the machine,
its priority will have just about no effect.

If the user has started some other program at the same time as the game,
he may not WANT the damned game to hog his CPU in preference to the
program that runs his livelyhood.

A game is just a regular program - if the user wants to give it
he will - but forcing yourself up the priority stack is just rude, and
probably won't help anyway.

Oh - yes - you can't give your process more priority than it was
originally assigned without running it as root - which is also
A Bad Thing.

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