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Re: Idea

Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:

> What do you think about the following idea:
> Developing a game with QT/KDE and GGI. It uses QT for the widgets,
> ... the menu, ... and a GGI Visual for the main window (Map of the
> game, ...) The GGI Visual is fast for blitting, ... and the QT Menu
> is configurable, ...
> Do you think that could work? A mixture of both systems?

No, I don't think that could work and it could also be impossible. If
you really want to use a GUI toolkit, then use only QT, no GGI.
But on the other hand, the point is that GUI toolkits suck for the
most games, since a real game as to run in fullscreen, window modes
just kill the atmosphere. 
If you want to write a game from scratch, just give SDL or ClanLib a
try, they will do fine. 

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