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Re: Best API?

Gareth Noyce <GarethN@solvera-inform.com> writes:

> I'd like opinions on the best API. I've seen four or five, all have pros and
> cons, but I'd like to hear from people that have actually done some code.
> What do you guys prefer? Whats the quickest IYHO? What has the most inbuilt
> sprite functionality?!

If you like C++ use ClanLib, for C use SDL. I wouldn't use SVGAlib, GGI or
fbcon directly for games, since you are then on your own with
Joystick, Keyboard and Sound handling and you would then reinvent the
wheel over and over again and also you would lose some Linux users,
since fbcon and SVGAlib don't work with all gfx cards.
And about portability, with using ClanLib or SDL you would get
portability to a lot more then just X, for example with ClanLib you
could also run the game under Windows, BeOS, etc. similar for SDL.

And for a ClanLib game, have a look at http://pingus.seul.org, a free
Lemmings clone.  

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