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Re: Best API?

On 22 Oct, Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> Keith Lucas wrote:
>> >So far its been pretty easy to load tga files with
>> >alpha channels (created by me poorly abusing the gimp).  Other image
>> >formats were supported, but PNG in particular wasn't quite working with
>> >alpha.
>> How do you get Gimp to do alpha channel editing? I'm probably missing
>> something really obvious here...
> In the contextual menu of your image, choose "Image" -> "Alpha" -> "Add
> Alpha Channel". I think you can play with the "Thresold Alpha" option to
> get it to do GIF-style masking, but I didn't play with this much...

Thats what I did.  Also when generating a new image select a tranparent
fill for the background.

Alan Chen
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