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Note from Webmaster


	I am emailing this from work, since my home connection is still giving me
fits and starts. I am still working on the new web site and have finished
the newest design and will begin finalizing the php pages hopefully this
weekend. Work and school have combined to make less time available for me!
:) My silence is due to this and my bad connection. Boy am I sorry I moved!
I used to have a good connection, but after weeks of putzing with my
software and OS, I realize that the trouble isn't on my system but on their

	I hope to be back soon...
Paul Tiseo                 
Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville
Birdsall 3                
4500 San Pablo Rd         
Jacksonville, FL  32224
(904) 953-8254 (pager)
e-mail: tiseo.paul@mayo.edu