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Best API?

Quick question.

I've got a project designed, strictly 2D sprite based with the need for fast
blitting and frame buffering. Think of Pang and you'd be close enough (bar
sprite numbers) to my needs. I'd also like some color layering (transluscent
sprite overlays) and preferably the automatic masking of sprites (say
dropping of color #0 ala the Amiga - cos I can't be arsed to write it
myself! ;-)

I have no real desire for cross platform. I'm not planning to release on
anyhing other than x86 Linux. I also /don't/ want it running in X. This is
gonna be strictly console based (cos X games annoy the hell out of me)...

Now Svgalib looks like it could do the job (and it can handle the masking
requirements) but I understand the suid of processes is a pain for the end
user, and during development can lead to some hairy crashes (but hey - I'm
ex windoze...)

GGI also looks easy from the setup and frame buffer side of things, but from
what I've seen doesn't have any masking built in?!

I'd like opinions on the best API. I've seen four or five, all have pros and
cons, but I'd like to hear from people that have actually done some code.
What do you guys prefer? Whats the quickest IYHO? What has the most inbuilt
sprite functionality?!

Thanks for your time and contributions

Gareth Noyce