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newbie questions about cross-platform games

Hey all,

Ok, i have a few newbie questions (as the subject implies).  I'm a high-school
student, and i'm doing a project wherein i have to write a game over the period
of 5 months.  Well, i'm looking at doing a clone of Marshmellow Duel, only
open-source and cross platform.  I'm wondering, if i use SDL, how much, if any
work, will i have to do to get the client up and running under X (KDE and/or
GNOME), Win9X/NT, BeOS?  What about if i used ClanLib?  Or GGI?

I plan to be using the API for video, primarily, and sound, if possible.  I'm
also looking to leave room to add networking code, although i probably won't be
able to do that on first pass, due to time constraints.  You never know,
though.  Anyway, any tips on how to write for networkability, without getting
into the platform-specific concerns?

Thanks in advance,

"Warning: Do not set on fire.  Blow, don't suck."