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RE: Open source game design: What IS an RCS server?

On 20-Oct-99 Shadow Mint wrote:
> Two things, what IS an RCS server, which is supposed to be so good for
> colaborative game design?

I've never heard of an 'RCS server' :) RCS is revision control system or
something, it's basically a small header imbedded in a source file so revisions
can be tracked easily and the progress mapped.

What you're probably thinking of is a CVS server, which utilizes RCS. A cvs
server basically acts as a smart patching method, so instead of downloading a
whole new tarball, you run 'cvs -z3 update' and it creates a patch file, moves
it to your machine, and applies it. This means that you can update your source
using very little bandwidth and virtually no effort. If you're in a fast paced
or large development project, this means updates can get out to the
codevelopers quickly and easily. Look at a project like gnome, it's huge, there
are a LOT of people working on it, and there is progress made every day.
Instead of having someone building 'snapshot' tarballs by hand, and everyone
downloading all the tarballs (many many many megs) every day, it's done with
cvs. People who have privelage to their section can update instead of going
thru a middleman. Downloads are patches, so just the deltas are moved, and a
daily refresh is a fraction of the download of a full tarball d/l. Plus 'cvs
-z3 update' is cooler than downloading a bunch of tarballs and running tar lots

> And, two, I'm having trouble keeping processing time down; Is there any
> way with out the use of the
> setpriority function in C to make it execute faster? I'm trying to avoid
> making it essencial to run the
> game as root.
> Later!
> Shadow Mint.
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