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Re: Open source game design: What IS an RCS server?

Steve Baker wrote:

> When two people have been off patching the same file, the first person to
> check in the change simply replaces the current file - the second person
> has to merge in their changes.  If the changes don't overlap, CVS lets
> you do this automatically (although that's rather dangerous) - if they
> do then you have to resolve the changes manually.

Actually, it *always* do this automatically. The idea is that you should
never commit without doing an update and confirming that it still works.
As good as CVS is, very few things are a good replacement for the brain!

> If someone is planning a major change to a module, and he doesn't tell
> everyone in advance, then he may well find that a gazillion small changes
> have been made in the meantime - and be faced with a hard 'merge' when he
> submits his master-work.  However, that's why we have mailing lists and
> why we have to communicate a lot.

As is mentioned at the beginning of the CVS manual, CVS isn't a
replacement for communication and good teamwork!

Pierre Phaneuf