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Re: Mostly ALS Notes

Dennis Payne wrote:

>Basic C Help
>     The linuxgames mailing list really shouldn't be where you turn for
>C questions like how do you delete a file.  I'd suggest trying a linux
>user group mailing list or a newsgroup (although I don't know which one
>of the top of my head).  

There is both a Linux C mailing list and a Linux C++ one. I guess these
would be good.

>Also questions closely related to a game problems
>such as dll loading are good for linuxgames.


>They are actively looking for ways to enhance CodeWarrior for game
>development.  I can find his email address if anyone wants it.  I
>encouraged everyone there to sign up for the linuxgames mailing list
>so some/all of the people there may be on the list.

Hmmm, how about adding some special hooks for debugging of fullscreen
(DGA etc) games? Perhaps scripted debugging runs ("run until breakpoint 1,
then continue step by step, always outputting current position in the
source plus the values of vars x, y, z. Do that until breakpoint 2, then
exit.") with output to a log file and the possibility to "simulate" that
debug run in the debugger afterwards?

>Articles and LokiHack '99
>     I was one of the fortunate who went LokiHack '99.  Since I enjoyed
>the time immensely I wrote up an article talking about some of the source
>code and what I did.  In fact I'm going to a monthly article from now on.
>LGDC is welcome to reprint them, link to them, or ignore them.  The url

Linking + adding some news item would be good IMHO.

>  http://www.identicalsoftware.com/ogs/


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