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Re: LI as domain holder for open projects

Esben Haabendal Soerensen wrote:

>Christian> What about mirroring the site at lgdc.org? Would that work?
>Christian> For the "static" data it's just a matter of rsyncing the
>Christian> database files & PHP scripts from time to time, but what's
>Christian> with the coming web-based feedback/talkback thing?
>This might become complicated.  If the website was read-only by anyone
>else than the webmasters this would be very simple.  But it is not
>impossible.  It should be possible to do something like the following:
>Use SunSITE Denmark (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc + mysql@sunsite) as
>the main site.  Use relative links for everything that can be mirrored
>and absolute links to the stuff that must be accessed at the main
>site.  The tricky part is to make this so that people stay on the site
>that they first entered.

What about running a cache proxy at lgdc.org, with settings adjusted to
hold the pages as long as possible? wwwoffle (eventually slightly modified
to allow it to correctly recognize "static" and "dynamic" pages) could be
good for that. It would be a kind of middle way between forwarding and
mirroring - effectively mirroring the "static" pages (just the pages, not
the DB and scripts) and forwarding the requests to "dynamic" parts (plus
eventually caching of the results for a short time).
Needs some more disk space as the size of the pages will be greater than
the size of the DB (with multiple "views" per "content page" etc), but
should be comparatively simple to set up.

>It would actually be an interesting excercise :-)

Yeah :)

>Christian> But ok, of course the forwarding thing is the best way at
>Christian> least until we sorted out a better one.
>As soon as you have the URL it would be best just setup this
>forwarding, and then switch setup as soon as a long term solution is

Yup. I'll contact gamedev.net about it now.

>>> If you go with the redirecting thing, what about changing the
>>> SunSITE URL to http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc ?
>Christian> Sounds good. The current one can stay as alias for that for
>Christian> some time, right?
>Yes.  I will make a Redirect in Apache so people notice the new URL.

I saw the note about it on linuxgames.org before I read this mail. These
guys are monitoring us really closely :)


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