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Re: LI as domain holder for open projects

M. Drew Streib wrote:

>I have checked with the powers that be... and yes, we can host the domain
>for you.

Maddog already informed us :)

>There are a few things that we would want that I'm sure you would agree is
>in everyone's best interest.
>You, of course, would be in control of the content for this domain. I
>would want from you, however, a statement about the purpose of this
>domain, who controls the content, and under what circumstances LI should
>re-take control of the domain and reallocate it.
>If we had something in writing about your wishes on these issues, I think
>we would all be safer. Please understand that I have no wish to ever take
>the domain from you. Your own concerns are valid though, and we would want
>you to first name the circumstances under which LI should take control of
>the domain. This is for everyone's protection.

I completely agree.

Here's a rough draft (for refinement by the other LGDC members):

domain purpose (veryquick version - how detailed do you need it?):
  Collect resources about Linux game development in particular and open
  source game development in general.

who controls the content:
  The people listed as maintainers on the website (current URL:

condition for reallocation:
  * activity on both the website and the mailing list goes down to a level
    where a severe lack of interest and motivation is clear, or
  * the site is being used for commercial purposes (aside from the placing
    of banner ads for hosting services etc),
  then LI shall re-take control of the domain and if possible give it to a
  group that is better fit for fulfilling the domain's purpose

Ok. As said above these statements still need approval and refinement from
the list. Oh, and, with "something in writing" do you mean the
toner-on-dead-tree-with-signature thing or a simple email/html/ASCIItext?

>I hope that we can help you in this situation. I'm thrilled to see people
>that wish to ensure that sites remain true to their original purpose.
>Feel free to email me with your thoughts on this, or give me a call at
>408.206.0614 (my cell).

That's in the US I guess (I'm German...)?


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