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Re: LGDC hosting

Myopic Rhino wrote:

>We'd be happy to host the virtual domain for you.  I'll contact our server
>people and have them start to set it up.  As far as mirroring, would you just
>need an ftp account, and then handle the actual mirroring yourselves?  And
>would you still be able to place the ad banner?

Ooops, I completely forgot about that ad thing. Now it gets hairy...

The problem is that we want to have some things like a talkback section
etc, i.e. make it possible for visitors to have "write access" to the db.
That however makes proper mirroring a nightmare. And if we add to this the
banner thing...

Ok, friends on the mailing list - where do we *need* web-based talkback
stuff and how far can we avoid it? Or how can we keep both site mirrors in
sync while having the talkback stuff?
Any ideas?

>The server guys might have questions too, so either one of them or myself will
>probably be sending another e-mail.



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