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Fwd: Re: LGDC hosting

The response from gamedev.net:

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Subject: Re: LGDC hosting
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 19:45:27 -0600
From: Myopic Rhino <dave@gamedev.net>

Hi Christian,

We'd be happy to host the virtual domain for you.  I'll contact our server
people and have them start to set it up.  As far as mirroring, would you just
need an ftp account, and then handle the actual mirroring yourselves?  And
would you still be able to place the ad banner?

The server guys might have questions too, so either one of them or myself will
probably be sending another e-mail.

- Dave

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Hi, you remember offering to host us (the LGDC) some time back? Well, we're
> now in a situation where we need hosting ;)
> Ok, we are getting our own domain (lgdc.org), but SunSITE (where we're
> hosted now) is bound to not have virtual servers / host other domains, so
> we look for someone helping out here. We want to leave the primary site at
> sunsite and make lgdc.org a mirror or so of it.
> So, if you say yes, you could add a mirror of our site as
> gamedev.net/linux/ or so (as you proposed) and make lgdc.org a virtual
> domain pointing to the same location.
> What do you think?
>         Christian
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