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Re: Question about game-prog libraries

Pedro Medeiros <pjira@solar.com.br> writes:

> Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
>> BTW. I ported an old 256 colors game from DOS which was using Allegro
>> to Clanlib without much problems, just changing the gfx mode to 16bit,
>> in a few hours.
>  Why didn't you use XAllegro? Should be even faster...

The last time I tried XAllegro (a long time ago) it was *very*
slow. If the game uses 256 colors it where ok if the XServer was also
running with 256 colors, but with 16bit colors it was extremly slow,
far away from being useable.
On the other hand, I just wanted to try to port the game to ClanLib,
to the how difficult it would be, porting it to XAllegro was to easy.

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