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Re: Question about game-prog libraries

On 22 Oct 99, at 19:17, Ingo Ruhnke wrote:

> Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:
> > I for example read that SDL
> > can´t handle 8 Bit graphics. Perhaps it changed, but back then that
> > meant for me: No, thanks.
> Clanlib can't handle 8Bit too, but that is afaik a work in progress in
> in the 0.3.0 branch.

	SDL does handle 8 bit gfx. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I
never used 8 bit with SDL, but reading the docs and judging by the
examples, it should work. And I too join the SDL Support Team
here and suggest it to you :) It's really good, and you need not take
only my word for this: SDL was used to port Civ:CTP, Myth II:
Soublighter to Linux along with other commercial games (Railroad
Tycoon, etc), is being used to develop some commercial quality
games like Hopkins FBI and a 2D Isometric client for the
WorldForge project, and it was used in a Sega Genesis emulator
for Linux, among many other success cases that I can't remember
right now.

	It's cross-platform, running on Linux, Windows and BeOS, with
non-official support for FreeBSD and alpha-stage support for Mac.
Take a look at the docs and demos and judge it for yourself.

[]s, Andrei de A. Formiga