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Re: Open source game design: What IS an RCS server?

Yeah oops! I ment CVS. =)

Thanks all! I'm still a little confused though, maybe you can help me out...

CVS lets you upload with patches, and so on for the various different modules of
the source. This much I can understand, sounds like a pretty cool way to go.
However, if two different people are working on the same  code, you'll get a
whole bunch of different branches of the same program in the end! Where people
have worked on code from X and others on code from Y and in the end it's just
one huge mess, and everyone has to sit tight while they try to resolve what the
hell to do...

What stops this? I can understand that as modules, each area will be distinct
and independent (to a degree), so working with in those boundaries I can accept,
but if an idervidual comes and chooses to make a patch to do something, surly it
must be a real pain for everyone else, who has, in the mean time, changed the
original code...

Thoughts? It seems to me you still need to set up workgroups to work on each
module, and the only bonus of having the CVS server is that you can download
patches more easily.

Shadow Mint.