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Re: Problem with RGBA Texture in GLX

Nathi-huesken@gmx.de wrote:

> I thing you misunderstood! My Data-Format is not the Problem. If I change
> the seceond GL_RGB/GL_RGBA (the one telling the Data Format of my Data), it is
> not a Problem. But if I change the first one, the System is crashing.

No - I didn't misunderstand - but the only thing that *should* be able to
induce a Seg Fault is accessing memory out of range - and in a glTexImage
call, the obvious chunk of memory is the source image.  So, try the test
I suggest and we can eliminate (or not) that possibility.

The failure of the NeHe tutorial isn't promising though.

I havn't spent a lot of time working with the very latest nVidia drivers
(I'm still using v1.0-2960) - and I havn't played with something as ancient
as a TNT-2 for a long time - so it's *possible* there is some kind of driver
bug - but this is a VERY obvious case and I'd be suprised if nobody had
noticed it before.

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