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Re: Simple modeller

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> Hi,
> What suggestions for *simple* modellers do you guys and girls have? I need
> something where I can do small things with less than 100 tris/quads. I
> don't want anything fancy such as weird meshes or objects, it should do:
> - let me place out triangles and quads snapped to a grid
> - let me defined texture coords for the tris/quads
> - let me view the thing in 3D
> - save to a *simple* ascii format with vertex, normal and texture data
> Any comments? AC3D is far too complex, and I haven't managed to even place
> out a triangle in any of the free ones (Vertex, QCad, others) that I've
> tested.
> Bells'n'whistles are for pros, I want to define a few fĺkking tanks and a
> silly house or two. I don't need bells nor whistles.
> Comments? Or is this another thing that's best to do "in-house"?

Kludge3d is a simple modeler, I used it some time ago and I liked it
much, very intuitive :