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Re: Simple modeller

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, [ISO-8859-15] Gregor Mückl wrote:

> Jan Ekholm wrote:
> > We were talking game models here, not movie scenes. I think any developer
> > that develops 3D games has a gfx card with 3D acceleration (well, I don't
> > have one yet, but I'm not normal), and those cards are very well capable
> > of redrawing models on the fly when doing, say, color changes.
> >
> The cards are capabable of doing this, sure. But the program is designed
> to cope with complex scenes. It can handle small scenes and models
> pretty well, too. And this is why I mentioned it here in the first place.

But that's precisely my point.  I'm not saying that Moonlight is a bad
tool - only that it's a tool that's optimised for non-realtime raytracing
types of application.  For game rendering, we need a tool that's
optimised for the work we do.   That means working with the underlying
assumption that everything can be rendered at interactive rates with
more-or-less WYSIWYG rendering.

> > For my models with 100 polygons AC3D can do color (probably other material
> > stuff too) changes realtime on a p2-333 without 3D acceleration, and I
> > wouldn't want it any other way.
> I think that we wouldn't have a chance to do update on such small scenes
> in real time, because Moonlight does everything in OpenGL (even the UI,
> btw.).

AC3D also renders everything in OpenGL.  I believe it uses TCL/TK for
it's GUI - but that only makes it slower with 3D hardware.

> There is another modeller out there which is only available for windows
> and specialized for low poly count. It's aztec and can be found at
> http://aztec.sf.net. Almost all of this modeller's internals build on
> Linux, too, but the interface port hasn't been finished yet (work on
> this seems to be under way).

I'll keep an eye on it...but I need a Linux tool.

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