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Re: Anyone on this list?

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Gianfranco Berardi wrote:

>Pieter Hulshoff wrote:
>> On Sunday 27 October 2002 20:03, Gianfranco Berardi wrote:
>>>I signed up a few days ago, but no mail has shown up.
>>>I am going to assume it isn't just me...Unless you all hate me already!
>> There are people on this list, but I have to admit: there's not an incredible 
>> amount of posting going on in here. Apperantly people have found other lists 
>> to discuss matters on (though I have no clue which ones that may be:).
>> Regards,
>> Pieter Hulshoff
>Well that sucks. I guess I must also find another list.
>Also, I signed up for other lists besides this main mailing list at 
>LGDC.  The other ones don't seem to have much traffic either.
>I will keep my subscription and see if this list can be nurtured back to 
>health B-)

It would be nice to see some more traffic on this list, as the one other
game-related list (opengl-gamedev) I know of is just about Windows games.

Maybe this list reflects the general state of open source game development
on Linux? Many games are started and developed until 50% complete, then
they collapse. Is it a matter of too eager and unskilled developers,
unrealistic projects, lack of time, immature tools, bad libraries, lousy
hardware support, horribly complex installation issues, or what? Why does
Linux not have as healthy an underground gaming scene as other platforms?

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