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Re: Anyone on this list?

Jan Ekholm <chakie@infa.abo.fi> writes:

> Maybe this list reflects the general state of open source game
> development on Linux? Many games are started and developed until 50%
> complete, then they collapse. Is it a matter of too eager and
> unskilled developers, unrealistic projects, lack of time, immature
> tools, bad libraries, lousy hardware support, horribly complex
> installation issues, or what? Why does Linux not have as healthy an
> underground gaming scene as other platforms?

GNU/Linux does lack one thing, the gamers, everything else is there,
even so it might not be in the perfect conditions, its good enough to
get the job done.

A few weeks ago I tried (and am still trying) to find a few beta
testers for Pingus, but well, so far I haven't found a single
beta-tester[1], but instead I got a gfx person and a few programmers.

[1] Well, the few ones I found are programmers and already involved in
    other projects. I havn't found a single casual gamer who would
    send in some reports on the game play and on the levels.

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