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Re: Anyone on this list?

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> Users are pretty good at:
>     tar xzf whatever.tgz
>     cd whatever
>     ./configure ; make install
> ..it's really not hard.
> So, there is *some* justification here - but I don't think this is the
> real reason people would be developing games for Windoze and not for
> Linux.

I tend to really like (mostly) static-binaries, since they are the
only way to ensure that something runs nearly everywhere and that it
will work without any extra setup.

Having just rpms or debs isn't a solution, since they will be
distribution dependend and they will be basically useless when you
don't have root access.

Compling directly from source on the other hand can easily result in
more time wasted than I would ever spend playing the game, since by
far not all stuff compiles directly out of the box, without tracking
down extra libraries and compilation can also take quite a bit of

static-binary tarballs also provide by far the easiest way to get rid
of a game after playing:

tar xzf somegame.tar.gz
cd somegame
cd ..
rm -r somegame/

It couldn't be much easier, but its quite sad that still a lot of
stuff is only available as source.

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