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Re: Anyone on this list?

Gregor Mückl <GregorMueckl@gmx.de> writes:

> Linux is not really missing hardware support. Most high quality
> sound and video hardware has superb support for Linux (Creative and
> nVidia are good examples here). So cancel that out.

Hardware support itself isn't much of a big problem, its more the
configuration that still is a big problem. Finding an XFree86
installation that has correctly setup all the different modes is still
not something that you will find very often and having a game going
fullscreen by default will do more harm than good to a lot of people
with broken Modelines. Thats one of the reason why I will provide a
simple start-wrapper (like known from many Windows games) that lets
the player select the display mode to run.

Another thing is that under Windows applications can switch there
color depth, while under X11 they can't. So people won't get the
performance that they could get by launching in the correct color
depth (cost ~50% of the fps for Pingus on my hardware), but instead
have to live with what ever they get.

Beside the technical site fullscreen is also a major pain for the
user, since there is no standard way to escape it (no Alt-Enter as
known from Windows) one often has to switch to console or even worse
to a second PC on the network to kill the process.

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