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StarCraft vs TA

Gianfranco Berardi:
> Exactly. Two examples: Total Annihilation and Starcraft. TA was an
> amazing game, since it was all basically "DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT"
> but Starcraft became the "best" game (I still like TA better) since it
> was so much more polished. The story was involving (as in I actually
> felt like I had an effect on it, even though it was linear). It did
> nothing new in terms of gameplay (TA brought a third dimension with it
> and had more units at one time). Starcraft just did  what Warcraft 2 did
> really well.
TA was a very innovative game (and one of the few rts explaining how a single 
unit can create a whole base) but had some major weaknesses, common to the 
most RTS: no background, no story and, as you said, destroy everything in 
StarCraft was worked on a great plot, with deeply different factions, a 
dramatic story and lots of background events.
All Starcraft fans remember the words "Arise my daughter, Kerrighan!"...
What do you remember about TA plot? To factions, each seeking to kill the 

Francesco Orsenigo