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Re: Anyone on this list?

Gianfranco Berardi <linuxmail@gbgames.com> writes:

> On that note, my roommate wanted me to mention that the first level
> of Pingus is too hard (I haven't played it since I think I might
> have a buggier version...Debian packages you know...but I think he
> just isn't a decent gamer).

The 'fun' thing is that Pingus doesn't have a 'first level', it
basically has some levels that comes first when you click through the
GUI, but that isn't meant as the first level and it doesn't feel like
the first level. Pingus isn't really more then a pre-alpha version at
the moment, the engine is running and we have levels, but no
surrounding, no story, no level order, no tutorial, etc. There are a
lot of ideas floating around in the mailing list achive and we have a
lot of levels, its basically just get the puzzle together task now and
I hope to get that done in a few month.

I just hope that I have not scared away too many people away with
broken and basically unplayable releases.

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