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Re: Anyone on this list?

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> What I currently miss is a good old Jump'n Run that can compete with
> something like some of the Mario games on the SNES.
The main problem I have seen with any game like this for the PC is the 
horrible controls.
If I pressed the A button in Super Mario Bros, Mario jumped. If I held 
the button, he jumped to a certain point and then came back down. If I 
continue to hold the button, nothing happens.
Contrast that with PC games that are similar. For some reason the 
controls are very simplistic, so that pressing and holding the jump key 
results in a Mario that jumps, comes down, and then jumps back up again 
over and over.

But it is possible to fix that, and making a game like it shouldn't be 
too hard on machines that are much more advanced than then original NES. B-)

I mean, Duke Nukem exists.