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Re: Anyone on this list?

Jan Ekholm:
> The hardcore strategy game market is small even on Windows, so it has to be
> miniscule on Linux, and thus nobody really even develops pet strategy
> games on Linux. The exception is the glorious FreeCiv. :)

I'm working on a strategy game, and i found no one seriously interested in 
helping me, or even just telling me what's wrong with it...
Even worse, all the people wich swore to be interested in it left me just 
once i relied on them... quite the same thing happened to Arianne....
LGDC is quite dead (no update since June)... there's no community around 
linux gaming!
The only way i could play under linux was StarCraft + Winex...
I'd tried gladly Pingus (i'll beta-test it) and lots of other games, but how 
could i know about it?
There is no community, i feel quite alone and i feel that what i'm doing 
interests none... anyone else feeling this?
I'll continue developing Xarvh myself, but the overall situation seems quite 

Francesco Orsenigo