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Re: Anyone on this list?

Chris <chris@starforge.co.uk> writes:

> Where have you asked? linux@yahoogroups.com (as the admin first or
> you may get roughed-up for spamming), sent a press release asking
> for testers to linuxtoday? Slashdot? linuxgames? I can't recent
> information about pingus on any of those sites - it may just be that
> the vast majority of people don't even know you're looking for
> testers.

News was for a few days on Happypenguin.org and on the Pingus site. It
was there long enough to catch a few programmers and one artists, so I
think that at least quite few gamers should have picked it as well.
Its not so that people didn't offered help, its more that you need ten
people offering help, to actually get one who really does help you,
the rest nine disappear silently.

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